Compounding World Expo 2019: SCHWING Technologies presents its thermal cleaning systems for machine parts and tooling

Systems remove all polymers and plastic additives

Plastic additives and compounding are the central topics of Compounding World Expo in Cleveland, Ohio on May 8-9, 2019. As a supplier of thermal cleaning systems, the German company SCHWING Technologies GmbH, together with its subsidiary SCHWING Technologies North America Inc., will also be exhibiting at the international trade show. With their cleaning systems, all polymers and plastic additives can be easily removed from machine parts and tooling. At booth A814, Thomas Schwing (Managing Director), along with Michael J. Robinson (Engineering & Process Technology) and Andrew S. Dickinson (Sales Manager) will inform attendees about the special features and advantages of the SCHWING systems. “Our intelligent systems not only clean reliably and safely, they also guarantee residue-free cleaning results,” emphasizes Thomas Schwing, building on 50 years of practical experience. Since 1969, the company has been the technology leader and international specialist for thermal cleaning solutions from its headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany. Since the beginning of the year, customers in the US and Canada have also benefited from SCHWING experts in the American office—based in Princeton, New Jersey.

Thermal cleaning systems

To its customers in the compounding industry, SCHWING recommends three different systems for all types of polymers and plastic additives. They guarantee perfect cleaning results with the user-friendly and precisely controlled VACUCLEAN, INNOVACLEAN and MAXICLEAN systems as well as post treatment equipment. All systems are energy-efficient and are environmentally friendly. “Our systems clean extremely gently and reliably,” explains Michael J. Robinson. “We thermally decompose polymer contamination and protect the metallurgy of the part.” The gentle vacuum pyrolysis systems (VACUCLEAN) are the ideal solution for cleaning pelletizing dies, screws and screw elements. Fluidized bed systems (INNOVACLEAN) are perfectly suited for all polymers, including high-temperature plastics such as LCP, PEI, PPS and PI. The SCHWING team uses these systems primarily for cleaning breaker plates and screw elements. The pyrolysis furnaces (MAXICLEAN) also clean large tools and components, such as large melt pumps and heat exchangers, by thermal oxidation. Andrew S. Dickinson knows that this results in numerous advantages for customers: “Using our thermal cleaning systems significantly increases machine tooling availability. This, in turn, saves time and money and increases productivity for compounders.”


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Breaker Plates before/after Photo credit: Alexandra Schönberger