SCHWING Group celebrates its 50th anniversary

Global player has been successful since 1969 with thermal cleaning systems and process measurement technology

It all started as a two-person operation in 1969: In February, company founder Ewald Schwing registered his trade in Duisburg. To this day, he is active as a managing director of the company. The entire SCHWING Group now includes SCHWING Innovation (Holding Company), SCHWING Technologies (Thermal Cleaning Technology), SCHWING Verfahrenstechnik (Process Measurement Technology) and the recently founded SCHWING Technologies North America Inc. In the anniversary year 2019, the present managing directors Ewald Schwing, Thomas Schwing, Alfred Schillert and Ralf Diederichs and their approximately 100 employees celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. The celebration will continue with others at this year's K 2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf, the world's largest plastics trade show. SCHWING is the global leader of technology and manufacturing of eco-friendly thermal cleaning systems for plastic and fiber-contaminated tools and machine parts.

Ewald Schwing looks back on the successful company history with pride: "We are now world market leader for complete cleaning solutions. From our headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn, we have been able to sell more than 3,000 cleaning systems in about 75 countries.” The family business today generates 75 percent of business through the equipment sales worldwide and 25 percent through cleaning services at its Lower Rhine location.

Growth at the home location

The company just expanded the company headquarters: In 2018, the managing directors opened a new 1,600 square meter production facility. A total investment of around 2.7 million euros has allowed the company to expand its entire production area to 5,500 square meters—including offices, manufacturing and service halls. Next year, another 1,500 square meter office building will provide ample space for work on its three floors.

Technology and environmental protection

An international increase in demand for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient machines from the equipment manufacturer contributed to the need for this expansion. Systems are in demand worldwide, in the plastics as well as in the fiber industry. From the beginning, the company has been focused on environmental protection and energy savings. Green solutions are met with international interest—in Europe as well as South America and China.

Research and Development

Industry 4.0, an important topic internationally, is also a major focus at SCHWING. In the age of digitization, the company continues to develop its intelligent systems, meeting the needs of the market. Many of the company’s ideas come from their own ranks. Other innovation drivers are joint projects with universities throughout Germany. For instance, SCHWING cooperates with master's and bachelor's theses of the University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld and with the future-oriented energy storage systems of the Technical University of Munich. These initiatives will help the company to continue advancing globally. Thomas Schwing: "We can show that we are ahead of the competition internationally. Our employees go all out for this goal.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

With its international success, SCHWING has always remained a true family business—with employees aged 18 to 81, including spouses, parents and their children. With further education, family support, health management and sporting events, the medium-sized company aims to promote and improve its employees. The company feels connected to them as much as its Lower Rhine location. The international success "Made in Germany" will benefit cultural, sports and educational sponsorships in addition to the local football club, the local culture and economy and educational projects in Africa.


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Ewald Schwing, Ralf Diederichs, Thomas Schwing und Alfred Schillert, Managing directors of SCHWING-Group
SCHWING Technologies Production Hall in Neukirchen-Vluyn