SCHWING Technologies at Compounding World Expo 2018 with thermal cleaning systems and services

Systems remove all polymers and additives from tools and machine parts

Compounding World Expo is the name of the new international plastics processing trade fair, which will be premiering in Essen from June 27 - 28, 2018. As a provider of thermal cleaning systems and services, SCHWING Technologies will also be exhibiting. The company, which was founded in 1969, deploys its systems and service offerings to clean all plastic-contaminated production tools and machine parts. At booth 618, the experts Thomas Schwing, Virgilio Perez Guembe, Andreas Guderjahn and Viktor Brandner will inform visitors about the special potential and advantages of these systems. SCHWING's intelligent systems safely and reliably remove all polymers and additives, guaranteeing residue-free cleaning results. The German technology leader and internationally successful specialist also offers its customers corresponding 24/7 cleaning services along with the associated logistics at its location in Neukirchen-Vluyn.

Thermal cleaning systems

The German systems manufacturer recommends four different systems for all types of polymers and additives to its compounding industry customers. "With our user-friendly and precisely controllable systems VACUCLEAN, MAXICLEAN, INNOVACLEAN and COMPACTCLEAN and our cleaning expertise, we guarantee perfect cleaning results," confirms Thomas Schwing, the company's managing director. "Our systems work absolutely efficiently and reliably. They do an extremely gentle, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly job of cleaning - guaranteed without adding any chemical substances and optionally without using gas."

Cleaning service and logistics

As a service for its customers, SCHWING also cleans any type of machine and tool part contaminated by polymers or additives. Systems and further secondary treatment equipment are available at its Neukirchen-Vluyn location for this purpose. These include the gentle vacuum pyrolysis systems (VACUCLEAN) as ideal solutions for cleaning pelletizing nozzles, screw and screw elements. Fluidized bed systems (INNOVACLEAN) are ideal for cleaning all polymers, including high-temperature plastics such as LCP, PEI, PPS, PI. The SCHWING team deploys these systems primarily for cleaning breaker plates and screw elements. The pyrolysis furnaces (MAXICLEAN), in turn, use thermal oxidation to clean even large tools and components, such as large pelletizing nozzles and discs. The company also offers complete cleaning processes, from dismantling to thermal cleaning and post treatment through to inspection. Customers also benefit around the clock from the 24/7 service. To this end, SCHWING experts contribute the entirety of their expertise and invite interested customers to test the cleaning processes at the company headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn and witness the cleaning quality first-hand. Several vehicles also operate up to ten hours daily to organize the transport of contaminated tools and components from customers throughout Germany and neighboring countries.

Advantages for plastics processing

The compounding industry is meeting together this year for the first time on the Ruhr. Virgilio Perez Guembe, head of sales at SCHWING, emphasizes: "We are expecting a lot of interest in our systems and services." Together with his colleagues, he will be able to explain all systems in a very personal, needs-oriented and detailed manner, he says. He also plans to demonstrate SCHWING systems’ performance on the basis of concrete cleaning results. "There are numerous advantages for our customers; machine availability significantly increases," emphasizes Perez Guembe. "That, in turn, saves time and costs as well as increases the productivity of the plastics processing industry."

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Thomas Schwing, managing director, SCHWING Technologies
Virgilio Perez Guembe, head of sales, SCHWING Technologies
24/7 cleaning service, SCHWING Technologies
Thermal vacuum pyrolysis system VACUCLEAN, SCHWING Technologies