SCHWING Technologies cleans tools and machine parts for the plastics and fiber industries

German specialist with Green-Cleaning-Systems on CHINAPLAS 2019

From May 21 to 24, 2019, SCHWING Technologies will once again be exhibiting at Chinaplas 2019, the leading Asian plastics trade fair, in Guangzhou, China. With its green-cleaning systems, the German plant manufacturer has been an internationally successful specialist for the removal of plastics and polymers for 50 years. SCHWING experts Virgilio Perez Guembe, Sunil Chalishajar and Samuel Zhang will be providing information in hall 5.1 at booth S 03 about cost-reducing, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient thermal cleaning systems - optionally also without the use of gas. The systems "Made in Germany" remove all types of polymers and plastics from tools and machine parts in the extrusion, injection moulding and fibre industries. SCHWING customers benefit from significantly shorter machine downtimes and a noticeably longer service life for parts cleaned without residue. "This saves time and money and increases the quality of plastic and fiber production. And quality is the be-all and end-all in the production process," says SCHWING Head of Sales, Virgilio Perez Guembe.

SCHWING systems for thermal cleaning

With its VACUCLEAN, INNOVACLEAN, MAXICLEAN and COMPACTCLEAN systems and the company's know-how, SCHWING guarantees perfect cleaning results at all times. Trade fair visitors can assure themselves on site. Together with fibre expert Sunil Chalishajar and plastics specialist Samuel Zhang, Perez Guembe will discuss specific needs and advise users on individual cleaning tasks. The German plant manufacturer will be presenting four environmentally friendly systems to the Chinese and Asian public at Chinaplas 2019. They clean all types of plastics and polymers - without any addition of chemical substances:

The gentle vacuum pyrolysis system (VACUCLEAN) is ideal for cleaning pelletizing dies and heads, filter bundles, filter discs, blown film die heads, extruder screws and spinnerets, melt-blown dies or spunbond dies. Only electricity and water are required to operate the system.

The fluidized bed technology (INNOVACLEAN) works fast, completely free of waste water and waste and is suitable for all polymers, including high temperature polymers like LCP, PEI, PPS, PI, but also PVC and halogenated polymers like PTFE. The system is particularly recommended for cleaning breaker plates, screw elements, special profile dies, hot runners, spinnerets and assembled spin packs.

The gas-heated pyrolysis furnace (MAXICLEAN) is ideal for large tools and components such as heat exchangers, extruder screws, large extruder tools, pelletizing dies or large hot runner tools.

The compact pyrolysis system (COMPACTCLEAN) is particularly suitable for small tools and components. The system removes all organic residues in a single operation, for example from small parts such as nozzles, needle valves, perforated discs, breaker plates, non-return valves, filter discs, mixers and hot runner systems.

In addition, Schwing offers complete "Cleaning Shops": from thermal cleaning and post treatment to inspection. The company also provides cleaning services in Germany and enables customers to test their own cleaning processes at its headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn

Photo: SCHWING vacuum pyrolysis system VACUCLEAN Photo credit: SCHWING Technologies
Photo: Virgilio Perez Guembe, Head of Sales at SCHWING Technologies Photo credit: SCHWING Technologies