Cleaning of large parts up to ø1.7m

VACUCLEAN 1713T - Cleaning of large parts up to ø1,7m under vacuum atmosphere

<p>Without disassembling needed prior to cleaning, SCHWING offers a new vacuum furnace called VACUCLEAN 1713T. It is designed for easy cleaning of very large blown film die heads and big machine parts. The system has a melt-off capacity of up to 100kg and can handle almost any type of polymer. The VACUCLEAN 1713T system is particularly suitable for</p>
<ul class="rte_ul"><li>Blown film heads with a diameter of up to 1.6 m and weight of up to 10 tons</li><li>Pelletizing dies having diameters of up to 1.7 m</li><li>Large filter bundle with polymer contamination weighing up to 100 kg</li></ul>
<p><br />The removal of polymer from the interior of assembled tools with such dimensions requires an innovative furnace technology designed with intelligent process control. With the new VACUCLEAN 1713T cleaning system, SCHWING combines these requirements together.<br />In a three-step cleaning process, the majority of the polymer is first removed by melting it off. The remaining polymer is carefully removed via thermal decomposition (vacuum pyrolysis) and subsequent oxidation safely and completely.<br />This gentle process is perfect especially for sensitive dies and tools. The integrated catalytic converter automatically controls the cleaning process and guarantees clean air and nonpolluted water.</p>
<p><br />Download: <a href="" class="download">Press information</a></p>