MAXICLEAN - New flexible cleaning oven with intelligent process control

Cleaning of large tools and other parts of production with heavy polymer contamination is a particularly challenging support task. The parts to be cleaned should be returned to production fast, clean and without damage. Up to now, these requirements were very hard to achieve.
The intelligent cleaning oven MAXI CLEAN ST from SCHWING puts an end to risks traditionally faced by manufacturers performing thermal cleaning processes. Advanced process control guarantees that an effective cleaning cycle will be done without overloading the system or damaging the items being cleaned. In case of tools with high contamination and heavy polymer loads in the system, the integrated thermal afterburner will control the whole process. In this way, cleaning time and the operation temperature curve is individually adjusted and is fully automatic.
The thermal cleaning system MAXI CLEAN ST cleans metal parts and tools easy and safe without any operator intervention, regardless of the amount of polymer. MAXI CLEAN ST is available as a flexible modular system with furnace sizes of 0.5 to 50 m3.

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