Five advantages

1) Optimal process technology

Technology leadership plus innovation competence

As the only manufacturer worldwide SCHWING offers all advanced thermal cleaning systems for the removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal components and tools.

This enables SCHWING to deliver the best respective ecological and economical solution for any requirement, tool component or polymer – all based on state-of-the-art German engineering.

The competence and expertise of SCHWING with thermal and thermo-chemical fluidized bed applications up to 1100 °C complement the technological performance portfolio of thermal cleaning in an ideal manner and form the basis for numerous innovative applications.

2) Perfect quality

In plant engineering and application results

SCHWING ensures optimally cleaned parts, completely free from polymer and carbon residues, and this even with the smallest bore holes, for example in the case of microfiber spin nozzles or hot channel tools, screens or filters. Even highly sensitive parts remain guaranteed mechanically and thermally intact. The subsequent easy removal of the cleaned parts saves time and prevents damage. This means for the user: Longer service life of tools and parts, longer running times of the production plants and thus lower costs.

3) Top environmental compatibility

Thinking responsibly, acting sustainably

The thermal cleaning systems from SCHWING exclusively work with thermal energy; the use of cleaning chemicals or reaction materials is completely done without. Thermal cleaning systems and fluidized bed systems from SCHWING are approved and used in all countries around the world.

All SCHWING systems provide integrated or separate exhaust air cleaning. This ensures compliance with emission regulations and avoidance of unpleasant odors. No contaminated waste water or toxic waste are produced.

4) Maximum safety

Protection and safety for operators, processes and products

With sophisticated (PLC) system control concepts and the consistent avoidance of chemicals, reactive substances and critical waste SCHWING offers maximum safety for the operator and the operation of the plant.

In all cleaning and treatment processes special loading systems together with sophisticated control engineering prevent any possible mechanical or thermal damage of the treated parts and guarantee maximum reproducibility of the results achieved.

5) Optimal economy

Shortening process times, increasing efficiency

SCHWING utilizes the maximum loading capacities of its systems, using loading techniques adapted especially to the properties of the parts to be cleaned or treated, without compromising the cleaning or treatment results.

Whether thermal cleaning, heat treatment or thermo-chemical reactions: Shortest possible process times, reduced user responsibility, maximum process reliability, integrated environmental protection as well as low energy consumption make SCHWING systems a cost-efficient solution with maximum customer benefit.

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