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Thermal cleaning, polymer removal

SCHWING is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers all advanced thermal cleaning technologies for the removal of all types of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts.

This independence from specific technologies, combined with more than 50 years of experience in the engineering of cleaning systems, uniquely enables SCHWING to handle any cleaning demand with the respective best economical and ecological equipment or system solution – including after-treatment and quality testing 

In addition, SCHWING has been offering its customers from the plastics and fiber industry cleaning services for more than 30 years. For example, at this time more than 250,000 workpieces are cleaned according to top quality and environmental standards each year at several locations worldwide and reintegrated into the production process of the customer. More information about “Thermal Cleaning” is available at our technical portal at

Fluidized bed process technique up to 1100 °C

Since 1970 SCHWING has been manufacturing and supplying application-specific fluidized bed reactors for the thermo-chemical conversion of powdery substances through the cross-flow of reaction gases in variable atmospheres. State-of-the-art measuring and control technology hereby ensures process control and reproducibility of the thermo-chemical processes where temperatures up to 1100 °C, process pressures up to 15 bar as well as the use of aggressive media are possible.

SCHWING enjoys decisive competitive advantages in this area of process technology. More information about “Fluidized Bed Process Technology” is available at our technical portal at

Heat treatment of metal parts in the fluidized bed

SCHWING possesses more than 50 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing of high-temperature systems based on fluidized bed technology.

With this especially energy-efficient, safe as well as time, personnel and space-saving heat treatment process the metal component is immersed in a retort, which is filled with fluidized aluminum oxide powder through which gas flows. The benefits of this process are its superb heat transfer capabilities and temperature accuracy, the quick to execute atmosphere exchanges and, especially, the extremely short process times. The systems are also available as a quenching bath for gentle and defined quenching.

SCHWING offers compact, safe and energy-efficient fluidized bed systems for innovative and multifunctional heat treatment processes with temperatures from 200 to 1050 °C. The safety and environmental protection of the systems and the quality of the products treated are key features of this technology. More information about “Fluidized Bed Heat Treatment” is available at our technical portal at

Thermal calibration

SCHWING consistently utilizes the comprehensive experience in the engineering and manufacturing of high-temperature systems based on fluidized bed technology and the resulting know-how to produce especially precise calibration equipment, allowing the determination of measuring accuracies of thermocouples and other sensors in the high-temperature range up to 1100 °C with a deviation of only +/- 0.15 °C. More information about “Thermal Calibration” is available at

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