Market trend shows: Sustainability can reduce costs!

SCHWING Technologies sees growth trend for industry-owned recycling plants - and positions itself as competent partner for cost-reducing solutions

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"We are seeing more and more companies from a wide variety of manufacturing industries deciding to operate their own recycling plants," says Virgilio Perez Guembe, Sales Manager at SCHWING Technologies GmbH, the leading international manufacturer of thermal cleaning systems. "We expressly welcome the trend, for example in the plastics industry, of not sending rejects to the usual disposal channels, but to further recycle them in-house themselves - especially in view of the growing mountains of waste worldwide and at the same time the increasing shortage of raw materials. Our experience shows that the associated challenges can result in tangible benefits for many companies - provided you have the right partner for quality assurance and cost reduction."

As a specialist for cleaning systems in extrusion, injection molding and recycling, the spanish native supports his international customers with specific solutions for the reprocessing of polymer-contaminated tools and machine parts, especially in plastics production. Against the backdrop of current political developments and ever-increasing social and economic pressure, the expert currently sees great opportunities for companies in almost all branches of industry to assume corporate responsibility in a sustainable manner - and at the same time to work in a quality-assuring and cost-cutting manner. "And this is especially true in the case of the increased cleaning requirements for filters, nozzles, blow heads, etc., which now inevitably arise through the use of recycled materials," says Perez Guembe. Thus, more and more companies are using the vacuum pyrolysis technology perfected by SCHWING Technologies. Specialist Perez Guembe sums up: "Our customers save the environment, our VACUCLEAN systems save time, money and personnel resources of our customers. And all this with excellent quality."

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